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Cheap Car Rentals

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Securing the cheap car rentals have never been so easy! Now you can find and book rental cars to all your travel destinations with just a snap of your finger when booking with TaiyaTravels. Whether you are looking for an economy car, a spacious sedan, a luxury or an SUV.

Right from leaving the airport, to being dropped off at your hotel, to sightseeing, pre-booked rental cars are without a doubt the most convenient means to explore a destination. To make your travel more pleasant, CheapOair has amazing choices of car rental deals to make your trip easy and budget-friendly. Take advantage of these discounted rates and enjoy a hassle-free trip. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap car rentals on CheapOair and get the most out of your trip. Take advantage of these rates and enjoy a hassle-free trip. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap car rentals on TaiyaTravels and get the most out of your road trip.

How can I get a cheap car rental?

  • Try to do the bookings in advance. Browse online to get an idea about the car rental rates and know in what price range the cars are available.
  • You can get good deals on car rent if you pay upfront while booking.
  • Use credit card rewards when you do the bookings.
  • You can rent a car along with booking flights and hotels. Such a package can will be more cost-effective.
  • Renting at the airport can be more expensive than booking a car online.

How far in advance should I book for a cheap car rental?

Like booking a cheap flight, booking a cheap care rental depends on the destination and time of year that you’re traveling. If you’re going to a popular destination during its peak season or the holidays, it’s better you book as soon as possible. Car rental prices in major destination will start to really rise about three months before the rental period in a peak travel season. If it’s not a peak travel seasonal, most experts say you can wait but the longer you wait the less likely you can get a deal on renting any specific kind of car that you want. If you don’t care what you drive and it’s not a peak travel season nor a location with limited options, you may still be able to get a cheap car rental up to 48 hours before the rental period – but there’s no guarantee. In the end, it’s best to book your rental car when you book plane tickets.

Can I rent a car the same day?

Yes! You may. However, it is recommended to do reservations in advance if you don’t want to take risk of not getting the car you want. At peak times, you may also end up paying increased rates if you haven’t done prior bookings.